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New Partners

New Partners

Happy Spring! As we welcome a new season, we wish to express gratitude to two of our new partners. The continued success of The Art of Yoga Project would not be possible without the generous support of partners like these… and you!

SV2 — The Art of Yoga Project has been selected by SV2 as their At-Risk Youth Grant 2014 awardee! In addition to funding for three years, we will receive invaluable advising and training on organization capacity building from experienced SV2 Partners. We are overjoyed!

For more information about SV2, please visit their website.

Leo Buscaglia Foundation — The late Dr. Leo Buscaglia dedicated much of his life to the pursuit of the understanding of what love is and how we can all embrace it. The mission of his foundation is building community spirit by helping people to help others. We couldn’t agree more!

You can find out more about the Leo Buscaglia Foundation at

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