The Art of Yoga Project quarterly surveys show at least 80% of youth consistently reporting improvements in interpersonal skills, pro-social behavior, and emotional regulation outside of class

Qualitative results suggest that the youth benefit greatly from an opportunity to feel safe and calm, a chance to learn how to best deal with their anger or negative emotions, and to spend time ‘being fully present in their bodies’ each day versus the typical dissociation trauma can bring. 

Mentoring case studies show youth view themselves in a more positive and hopeful way; choose positive behaviors, and have improved relationships with family members, peers, teachers, and other care providers.


Unique youth served


Reported improvement in emotional regulation


Classes annually


People trained


Since our inception, The Art of Yoga Project has delivered over 15,000 classes to more than 10,000 unique youth.


“We have greatly benefited from The Art of Yoga Project thought partnership and services as we continue to strive to become a trauma-informed system.”  Louise F. Rogers, Chief of Health, San Mateo County

“The Art of Yoga Project has developed a unique way to teach skills while developing a sense of belonging. As a result, these students are more accountable to themselves, to others and to the greater community.” Vito Chiala, Principal, William C. Overfelt High School

“The Art of Yoga Project has served  Santa Clara County for over a decade providing gender-responsive, trauma-informed mindfulness-based practices for youth. No one else is doing this type of healing work with our youth.” The Honorable Katherine Lucero, Judge Superior Court of Santa Clara County