Bring Our Model to You

National Affiliate Program

The Art of Yoga Project is a leader in serving marginalized girls* and gender expansive youth with our model of trauma-informed yoga and creative expression. The Art of Yoga Project is seeking organizations interested in implementing a yoga and creative arts curriculum to their population of marginalized teen girls. If you work with adolescent girls and are interested in participating, we invite you to submit a National Affiliate Program application. Organizations selected will receive training and phone consultation services with program experts to help implement the the program locally, along with the following curricula:

  • The Yoga & Creative Arts Curriculum
  • The Art of Yoga Project’s Trauma-Informed Teacher’s Guide: A Companion to the Wise Inside Essentials Curriculum
  • Wise Inside Essentials Curriculum (WISE)

The next application cycle will open late Fall 2021.

We hope you will join us in using mindfulness-based practices to bring healing and empowerment to marginalized teen girls.

(*Please note when we use the term girls, it is meant in the most gender-expansive way possible to include cis-gender girls, trans girls, gender non-conforming youth, non-binary youth and any girl-identified youth).

The Art of Yoga Project

The Art of Yoga Project focuses on early intervention to help marginalized and justice-involved girls prepare for a positive future. We are leaders in the treatment and rehabilitation of justice-involved girls by offering gender-responsive, trauma-informed, culturally-responsive, and strengths-based programming.

Our mission is to lead at-risk, exploited and incarcerated girls toward accountability to self, others, and community by providing practical tools to effect behavioral change. We send specially trained yoga teachers, art therapists, creative arts and writing educators into facilities to deliver our mindfulness-based curriculum.

The Art of Yoga Project is a 501(c)(3) non profit. Tax ID #20-2448697.